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amazone (noun)

the mental zone in which you find yourself the very millisecond after you one-click bought something you absolutely positively don't need ever. (an order which in fact you will be too proud to cancel afterwards, though)

example: I was well in my amazone after buying that pink five-star-rated vacuum cleaner scrub I probably won't ever use.

amazoned (adjective)

the mixed feeling of guilt and excitement you have right after buying something you probably wouldn't have bought if it weren't so easy.

example: just ordered all six fast and furious movies on blu-ray in 3d including a blu-ray player - now I'm feeling slightly amazoned: the tracking says it will arrive tomorrow!

</irony> (you know it's irony if there are tags, right?)

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[ 2011.09.10, 17:16 :: thema: /english :: link zum artikel :: 0 Comments ]

considerations, projects and distractions

there you go, I'm back! all in all spent about half a year to figure it all out but hey - some things take time.

I'm working on a bunch of new projects, relaxed body hacking being one of them. kissed some great friends good-bye but made some awesome new friends along my way. made huge progress in some areas but baby steps in others. still defining my current position in nerd-culture and nerd-relations, understanding our versus my boundaries. made some decisions and moves, now working with the results. hell I'm good! I'm ready for the next level, bring it on!

to keep myself on the edge I decided to start into a three-sixty-five photography project that @icedsoul had suggested. every day since june first I have taken a photo of me resulting in a tumblr-blog (Fashion Agnostics Unite - FAgU) featuring eighty-two photos of me wearing that day's clothes. so far resonance ranged between mild confusion and polite interest. some of my facebook fans stated they were even expecting a new shot every day. I received tips and critique which kept me going. this started out as a fun project and I will keep it that way. maybe I'll add some affiliation links but I'm not expecting to get bloody rich with this little blog.

having celebrated (yes, me, I really did it for once) my thirty-sixth birthday this year I felt like I had to get in shape. I used to be very sporty in my pre-computer era and I'm getting back there - at least to a reasonable point. I've been working out and swimming regularly for the past two months. I rarely went off track and I can feel how it is doing me some good. I lost weight although I wouldn't say it's been that dramatic yet but I gained strength and determination. I'm feeling much better in my body than I used to some months ago and that's gotta count for something, right? I'm not sure what the next steps should be. past week I started working with weights and other free exercises - this is keeping me busy for the moment. for the time being the pool is closed for renovations.

as you may have gathered from my previous post I went through some rough times, made some fairly new experiences and although not everything I learned qualifies as pleasant I wouldn't want to have missed any of it. I learned so much about people, relationships and about me, I couldn't have imagined. I'm not only thankful, I even want more! ... and guess what, I already got more! I spent some time around very positive people if not friends over the past few months who turned out to be realistic, open minded positive thinkers eager to experience life at the fullest making their way amongst their families, friends and colleagues. I enjoyed this a lot and I still think this is the way to go and those are the people I want to be around. I'm very fond of those becoming more and more aware of all the beauty around us all the awesome things we can take part in, the constant stream of win. so this is all developing well and interestingly. I had to let some people go - if not in real life then at least in my mind. I lost some people who I would consider to be either negative or stagnating in their lives. this is only natural and doesn't mean for ever and ever but at the moment we're all better off looking at other options. I've never been particularly good at watching people hurting themselves or harm people around me - it's just not my thing. lately I've been starting to feel much closer to creativity and production than to destruction or negativity. I like to have people around me sharing this.

I'm also growing apart from local chaos, the CCC, politics and the people and groups involved. this has been happening for years now and I realized this before and again and again. I wouldn't consider this a bad thing just cannot shake the feeling of betraying my family in a way. because that is what hacker culture used to be for me - the second family I loved dearly. I always felt protected and loved back - no matter how silly and angry a child I used to be, I always felt welcome and tolerated if not accepted in what I did. growing apart from this family is like emancipating myself, is like growing up. as with my real-life family this distance will proof to even strengthen our relationship but for now I will have to walk my own path for a while. I've been doing that for years now - just took me some time to realize it.

all in all this is very positive. I've been in a very good mood for months now - with only some minor distractions here and there. I hadn't been that happy and healthy and optimistic over months for a very long time and I keep enjoying it. I'm very thankful and gracious towards those who made the past twelve months such a fun ride and such a great experience. this goes to everyone, not only the ones I kept but also the ones I lost along the way. thank you!

Faulbaer (stay sharp!)

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a little joy, a little pain, a bit of love and then goodbye

just to get that over with: apologies! I've been acting stupid for the past few months and although there is a good explanation for that I'm deeply sorry and I do feel my behavior requires an apology. It's going to be for a little longer but after that I'll be back to normal - roger-roger coming up. promised!

so what is this all about you may wonder. why would I of all people open a post to my tech'n'rant blog with an apology? is this a trick? will I be a sarcastic and annoying troll later on? I sure hope not.

this is about poor choices mainly. ones I don't want to miss for anything - as always - since what I learned defines who I am and how I will proceed with my life.

by the end of last year I fell in love. I did this pretty much unprepared and it didn't turn out as expected. I had the pleasure to grasp paradise for hours, sometimes even days before - well - I got pulled back to the ground rather brutally where reality kicked in to make me suffer for days and weeks. in short - it was unbalanced, unfair, unhealthy but love. the days of joy I spent singing and dancing but the days of pain I spent grinding along a borderline depression. I missed my goal to be happy as much of my time on planet earth as possible by a long shot. I made myself feel miserable, questioned my decisions, didn't believe what people told me and acted stupid most of the time. I guess that's what it's like to be in an unhealthy relationship. that's what makes "it's complicated" so painful. the main problem was that it hadn't even been my relationship to begin with. I was filling in the gaps for another, equally stupid, jerk. where he failed there was I but what he had got I couldn't have. I played the lonely friend where he could be the asshole. I don't really mind - I'd take the role of the friend over the role of an asshole every time as I'm frightened to lose control over the asshole that I know exists in me as soon as I let it out for play. I'm afraid it couldn't be contained again.

sometimes it's better to stop before it becomes too painful to endure not to. I guess I missed the mark this time but that's OK. I learned a lot about myself and I guess I even grew a bit in the process. I'm angry with myself that I lost track of what's really important to me and I feel ashamed I lost control over the situation, got distracted, got played and made a fool of myself - but that's OK, too. I will suffer a little longer and I will come back stronger, more focused and with a lot more confidence. after all as it turns out I'm human - I never really doubted that I just lost touch with that part of me for some time.

the next weeks will be hard - I know that - and it's not going to be fun but judging from the past I know it's all going to turn out well - as it always did. after all it's me who decides; I'm the one in control most of the time. there is no fate and there is nothing that can come between me and what I want. I'm pursuing my goals one at a time. there is nothing else waiting for me so I have to make the best of what I have.

I ended an unhealthy relationship, lost my car which I had spent all my money on and it is as if the sun was breaking through the clouds. I feel freedom. I'm still hurting but at the same time I'm getting back into the driver's seat. I'm taking control again - I'm almost back. this might sound silly but I stopped watching TV series and I started learning French again. I'm about to start training an instrument and even some fitness program appears to become possible. all these are distractions of some sort but I choose to be active and open where I could have gone for numb and sleepy. that's a good sign.

let's keep it real folks - this isn't going to be over too soon. there will be trolling and dark tweets and I still will be sad when I think of what could have been. it's going to be some work to get back on my feet but at least I'm not passive or depressed or living a relationship-nightmare.

I wish everybody involved all the best. this is not the end, it's a new beginning. make the best of the time you have and be strong. be true to yourself and pursue your goals. become who you want to be and stay in control. love yourself and only then can you be loved or truly love anybody else. don't live your life in anyone's shadow and live your life as if you had only this one - despite what your faith might make you believe. get to know yourself. find out what you cannot do and don't do it. develop on your strengths and talents. don't waste your time with regret and don't invest into what you cannot change. learn something new every once in a while and of two bad paths choose the one you never went before. leave your comfort-zone and always pursue happiness.


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verio's support team now far beyond stupidity [update 3]

I've had it - I want out. I'm looking for a DNS provider who let's me do the following easily:

- register new DNS servers

- add domains and point those to my registered dns servers

- edit ripe-handles and domain-handles

- generate clean whois-records

- handle the tollowing domains: .info, .de, .us, .it, .net, .com, .org

a plus would be if their support team did _not_ have their heads up their asses. let me elaborate:

if I for example write a mail to said support (in this case verio's) I expect the supporter (pick one in seven idiots) to read my mail and understand what my issue might be and solve it - then either tell me the solution or that it's been solved, please. what I do _not_ expect is:

- "please use the domain editor" if I asked for registering a dns-server

- "the name servers are already registered" if I report a bug in the domain manager not to be able to save a setting just only for dot-info domains

- "please use a registered from-address" if I report a bug in the domain manager for the seventh time always with the same ticket ID and almost identical mails

- "please provide the dns-ip" as a reply to my bug report including screen-shots with said addresses

- "the name-servers are already registered" if I report a bug in the domain manager that shows entries from a dns-cache of one server but not from the real world configuration - here lacking two other dns-servers that still can't be configured for my dot-info domains

- "please set lock domain to disabled" if ticket-history shows that this has been suggested and failed before - also this is not the right response to a mail stating that the domain manager is buggy

- "we are here 24 hours 7 days a week" if they really respond every some days and overall in an undeterminable interval

I'm shocked about verio's bad service in this regard. also there appears to be no way to escalate the issue to more senior staff at verio. I can only assume they must have lost good people over money and bad management.

I'm past angry - I even started and stopped swearing because although I first asked for verio's support almost two moths ago but they still haven't gotten their act together. for my info-domains now the dns-settings aren't redundant anymore - so if the main dns can't be reached, nobody will be able to send me mail or access my sites.

I need to switch to a more reliable service. DNS is just too important to be pissed away by badly trained idiots working for a company that doesn't care for their customers. I need a service-provider who knows their reponsibilities.

any takers? any good hints where to go to?

Faulbaer (it's frustrating to see bad technicians fail the simplest tasks)

update: verio support staff is so stupid I had to make a screencast about what's wrong with their domain-manager. I bet they won't even watch it but instead send me a default text-block message again. I need to leave them ASAP - please suggest a DNS provider who is at least less stupid!

video: http://files.tosses.info/~jmt/verio/

update 2: (my recent history with ntt/verio-hosting or verio.com)

Early August:
My request: Please register two new name-servers (via web-form)
Response: No response

August 25:
My request: Please register two new name-servers (via mail)

Response: In order to successfully open an issue your email must contain your account domain name in the "subject" line of your message.

My request: Please register two new name-servers (mail-subject: tosses.info)

Verio Support: Case [IDS-12758465]

Reynier C.: Copy & paste-response that has nothing to do with the request.

My response: There is a bug in your domain-manager. Please register two new name-servers

Joey G.: "Lock/Unlock Registration is enabled" (which by the way was wrong or due to the domain-manager being faulty)

My response: Please register two new name-servers (with further explanation)

August 26:
Reynier C.: "I would like to inform you that the name server settings for tosses.info is already" ... (this is not true but looks that way because of your domain-manager being buggy)

My response: Please register two new name-servers (with more explanation along with links to wikipedia)

Response: No response

September 9:
Verio, Inc.: Sends me a broken Whois record - the one I'm asking to get fixed

It's unclear if my name-servers have been registered or not.

My response: I don't respond - this doesn't concern the case

September 16:
My request: Sending my previous message again as it hadn't been replied to

My request: Reporting a domain-manager issue including detailed screenshots

Verio Support: Case [IDS-12811468]

Joni E: "With regard to the concern, tosses.info is already pointed to your desired name servers. Below is our dig results." (which is NOT what I was asking for and besides that NOT TRUE)

My response: Results are misleading due to a bug in your software. Further details.

Response: No response

Septmeber 22
My request: Sending my previous message again as it hadn't been replied to

September 24:
Emmanuel B: "Regarding the concern, may I know if you had already contacted our domain services department with regards to this issue?"

September 26:
My response: Sending my previous message again to Domain Service, Joni E, Emmanuel B

Response: No response

September 29:
My request: Cry for help as this is becoming time-critical now
Emmanuel B: "To further assist you, kindly forward your concern to our Domain Services Department through their email"

My response: Did that, no result. It's about a bug, not about a domain-registration. 24/7 is a lie.

September 30: (today my contract with one of my ISPs ends and one DNS goes away)
Emmanuel B: "I have duplicated the reported issue regarding DNS problem, and I have determined that further research is required"

Katherine B: "I have forwarded your request to register the following nameservers to our Domain Services department"

This was partially sucessful - I can change most of my domains now and the two new name-servers have probably been registered in the meantime. Still for all of my dot-info domains the issue persists. I cannot change or save the configuration of my dot-info domains which are vital to my business-communication.

October 1:
My request: Reporting an issue with dot-info domains in your domain-manager

October 5:
Reggie A: "In regards to your email,we will need the ip address for these name servers in order to complete your request."
(What now? Those addresses have been in the very first mails in the ticket! also this should have been done by now?! This is your answer after one week?)

October 8:
My request: "Help!"

Response: Case [IDS-12869421]

Response: Case [IDS-12869420]

(What now? Why?)

Francis R: "Our client's account security is important to us. Our record shows that this email is originating from a non-contact email address of the account."

Francis R: "With regard to the concern, we check the domain and found that the name servers are already been configured. Please see details below." (NOT TRUE! If Francis had read the ticket(s) this would be clear!)

My response: Wrong. Fix it or call me: 0049 228 6849928

My response: You are stalling. I will have to discuss this with your supervisor.

Reynier C: "Due to security reasons, I regret to inform you that we cannot provide sensitive information to a non-contact email address."
(I don't want information - I am reporting a bug! You are stalling!)

My request: Sending my previous mail (from a registered address, having lost hours due to your staff's stalling)

Response: Case [IDS-12871653]

Response: Case [IDS-12871652]

My response: "Dude - are you serious? You're stalling. Get it the fsck done ASAP." (Excuse me, I'm losing my communication - I'm getting angry)

Joey G: "Regarding your concern, we checked the Lock/Unlock Registration and found that the Registration is enabled. This is the reason why you were unable to change your name server." (This is either a lie or due to the bug I reported - either way Joey G clearly hasn't followed the ticket trail, lazy of him.)

October 9:
My response: Escalate, Supervisor, Blog-post
(and I am equally frustrated and desperate by now since first services stopped sending mail and there is no redundancy left because of your bad service)

Joey G: "I've checked the DNS records for martell-de.info, tosses.info, and afkb.info, and it appears that you were able to update their nameservers today." (NO IT IS NOT! As I stated before this is a misrepresentation! Your domain-manager HAS A BUG!)

My response: I am beyond angry. I made a screencast to describe what is going on: http://files.tosses.info/~jmt/verio/

October 11: (A lot of mails are bouncing, customers cannot access my sites)
My request: "HELP!" ... alongside some perfectly understandable swearing.

My request: Bug report plus video link

My request: Formal complaint.

[update 3]

in the meantime thie issue has been partially resolved by a verio support member who read my ranting on tw.... well everywhere. I have to stipulate 'partially' because the domain manager hasn't been fixed yet. so what's the aftermath?

[x] two months waiting, explaining, shouting and temper for a two minute action

[x] name-servers registered

[x] whois-information in order

[-] domain-manager still broken

my next step will be to spread-out and find two or three registratrs where I will register name-servers so that I'm less dependent on just one service-provider. I'm not a huge customer but I really rely on DNS!

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djbdns + svn + cron = dns replication

I'm sure this has been done before - probably even pretty often - but since I couldn't find anything on how to make it work properly without spending too much time on it, I decided to write up what I did there.

I wanted to replicate my dns-database between several djbdns installations on different operating systems. When I first set this up, I went for ssh without password. there were some minor issues with that:

- no passphrase (must be something spiritual but I don't like that)
- without rsync involved: one-way only (as in master->slave, slave...)
- with rsync involved still not optimal to keep env, root etc. apart
- no versioning, no roll-back, no safety

on the plus side it's been super-easy to set it up, though.

since I recently bought into a new server plan and just a month before found and old wrap-pc that had been configured as openbsd-dns-server years ago, that was still working, I decided to put some more brain into the matter. these were the results I was looking for:

- it shouldn't matter where to change configuration
- shouldn't be needed to log into the dns server ever again
- versioning/backup/roll-back should be an option
- only parts of the directory should be replicated/distributed
- take into consideration that not every server is the same
- server should pull the updates
- encrypted communication
- authentication required for at least writing

the main trigger was going to be cron like before but I had to find something for allmy other needs. subversion was the solution.

I finally went for a subversion repository with different env-directories for each server as there are IP-address as well as the path to the root-directory configured and those can differ from server to server.

the svn is behind an apache2 just because it's already been there and I couldn't be bothered to make svnserver fly with ssl and authentication. apache works just fine. so we have svn behind apache/ssl and that part took my rusty brain two attempts and maybe an hour to get it working properly. I'm getting too old for this stuff.

the configuration of the servers didn't take much longer and finally writing a script for cron with all the necessary environment variables took another two hours. I bet every half-way routined administrator finishes this in less than an hour.

now let's talk source (and yes, I'm perfectly aware of there being room for improvement - so just let me know if you find something, will you?)

since djbdns/tinydns has become part of the even debian lenny distribution I think you will find the basic setup instructions for your favorite flavor of linux/unit real quick on any major search-engine. so let's dive into the specifics of my setup, will we?

first of all I'm kind of a control-freak when it comes to my servers. I didn't really like to have all domains on one data-file and decided to add a directory for configurations I'd later just "cat > data". also I prepared some files I was going to work with later.

cd /service/tinydns/root/
mkdir data.d
touch tosses.info.data
touch lsrv.net.data
touch make.sh
touch svnup.sh

I went on configuring my .data files like I'd do it for a regular tinydns data file. to assemble the data file into the root directory, I just hacked a little make.sh script like this:

vim make.sh

echo # This file will be generated by $DATAD/make.sh > $ROOT/data
cat $DATAD/*.data >> $ROOT/data
chmod +x make.sh
svn add make.sh
svn ci -m "build your data from data.d with make.sh"

my dnsservers were half-way done. next up had to be the subversion configuration at the svn-server as well as at the dns-servers.

at the subversion server I made a repository just for the dns servers. into that repository I made some directories and finally I added some basic auth ssl configuration to the apache setup:

mkdir -p /var/svn/repositories
chown www:www /var/svn/repositories
su www -
svn create /var/svn/repositories/dns
svn mkdir --parents /var/svn/repositories/dns/tinydns/root/data.d
svn mkdir --parents /var/svn/repositories/dns/tinydns/ns1/env
svn mkdir --parents /var/svn/repositories/dns/tinydns/ns2/env
svn mkdir --parents /var/svn/repositories/dns/tinydns/ns3/env

now I had the directories for data, data.cdb and the .data files as well as env directories for each of my dns servers.

the apache2 configuration was pretty simple as well. after enabling ssl and configuring the ports as well as the virtual hosts, I added the site configurations for my dns repository as follows as root:

vim /etc/apache2/sites_available/svn.tosses.info

  ServerName svn.tosses.info
  ServerAdmin svn@tosses.info
  SSLEngine on
  SSLCertificateFile /etc/apache2/ssl.crt
  SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/apache2/ssl.key
  Alias /svn/ /var/svn/repositories/
  <Location /svn>
    DAV svn
    SVNParentPath /var/svn/repositories
  <Directory /var/svn/repositories/dns>
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName DNS
    AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/htpasswd.svn
    require valid-user
    order deny,allow
    deny from all
    satisfy any
  ErrorLog /var/log/svn.tosses.info-error.log
  CustomLog /var/log/svn.tosses.info-access.log common
htpasswd -c /etc/apache2/htpasswd.svn dns

after a graceful restart I could access the repository and see the directories I had made before. my work on the svn-server was done.

back on the (till then) main dns server I checked out the empty directories and started adding files to the svn:

cd /service/tinydns/env
svn co https://svn.tosses.info:443/svn/dns/ns1/env .
svn add IP ROOT
svn ci -m "IP and ROOT configuration for ns1 added"
cd /service/tinydns/root
svn co https://svn.tosses.info:443/svn/dns/root .
svn add data.d data.cdb
svn ci -m "general data.d directory and data.cdb database for all dns"

so far so good. for cron I still needed an svn update script including the necessary variables. those scripts needed to be executable and I had to add svnup.sh to the crontab:

cd /service/tinydns/root/data.d
vim svnup.sh

cd /service/tinydns/root
svn update
chmod +x svnup.sh
svn add svnup.sh
svn ci -m "now svnup.sh will update the svn"

crontab -e

* * * * * /service/tinydns/data.d/svnup.sh > /dev/null

for the other two servers all I had to do was to repeat the checkout of their own env directories and in the root directory I needed to remove data, data.d and data.cdb before a checkput could be successful. but those had to go anyway:

on ns2

cd /service/tinydns/env
svn co https://svn.tosses.info:443/svn/dns/ns2/env .
svn add IP ROOT
svn ci -m "IP and ROOT configuration for ns2 added"
cd /service/tinydns/root
rm -Rf data.d data data.cdb
svn co https://svn.tosses.info:443/svn/dns/root .

crontab -e

* * * * * /service/tinydns/data.d/svnup.sh > /dev/null

on ns3

cd /service/tinydns/env
svn co https://svn.tosses.info:443/svn/dns/ns3/env .
svn add IP ROOT
svn ci -m "IP and ROOT configuration for ns3 added"
cd /service/tinydns/root
rm -Rf data.d data data.cdb
svn co https://svn.tosses.info:443/svn/dns/root .

crontab -e

* * * * * /service/tinydns/data.d/svnup.sh > /dev/null

now every minute every server tries to update from the repository. sure, that's a lot and maybe I even go back to five minutes as checking interval.

the only thing that might become an issue is if I change files in data.d on several servers without immediate check-in. but there are enough ways to fix this in svn.

Faulbaer (I hope I haven't forgotten anything)tt

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if in doubt ... use xen

it's done, I've decided and it's become a xen system on lenny. to sum it up real quick: ubuntu server: pain in the arse. kvm very much unfinished busines. vmbuilder hyped crap. virsh pretty much is like masochism.

if I hadn't spent all my energy on trying to get virsh and kvm running on ubuntu first and later on debian lenny - well - I might have given centos a try. but after two-and-a-half day I was just too exhausted for further experimenting and just worked with what I knew would work: debian lenny, xen and lvm. xm-create-image works like a charm and does what it promises. not half of it or only two thirds right and the rest is a mess - it just does what it can and that it does very well.

in fact I already started migrating services to the new box. the weblog is already there. I couldn't be happier. the really big thing is going to be the zimbra migration but I've done that before and it worked every time. so no bad expectations here.

I've decided to drop ejabberd since I'm the only user it's kind of an overkill. also I guess zimbra's jabber services should have improved by now - so I'm gonna try that.

I haven't yet decided if I'm going to upgrade the old server or use the old machine as backup system. will figure that out sooner or later - got enough time for thinking, now that the new system is running well and migration seems to be going on pretty easy, too.

firt blogpost on the new machine - hope it works - fingers crossed ;)

Faulbaer (permissions set properly? we'll see ...)

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kvm? I've had it.

I've really had it - I'm going back to xen - kvm may be the better, faster, more stable and more actively developed engine but to be honest, it's not just the engine, I need the tools around it to be working, too.

I've tried to make it work for one-and-a-half days now and that's kind of the longest time I've put into new software-product that is constantly failing, ever. kvm may be working like a charm but vmbuilder and virsh are nothing short of a pile of crap, designed to make a seasoned administrator cry.

vmbuilder cannot resolve dependencies and appears to be so much more beta than the straight-forward xen-tools I cannot begin to understand why I put so much effort into trying to make it work. I should have just stopped when it wouldn't build a 'hardy' guest. I should have stopped, when I saw the --part param would only accept four partitions - all of them turned out primary by the way. I should have stopped when I saw that --raw was just constantly ignored. I should have stopped, when it automatically added the wrong bridge device. But I tried and tried and tried - just to give virsh a go.

virsh is so overdeveloped bloat it makes me want to organise it's developers into an anonymous xml-java-addicts group. not only is it impossible to see where it's current configuration is stored - some parameters cannot even be changed without going into the virsh shell first. this poorly documented pile of shit wouldn't see the changes I made in qemu/networks/default.xml even after a reboot. that's why most tutorials work with the default settings for virbr0 - their authors just didn't know where to change this shit. Ididn't find even a single document describing where this had to be done - not one! attaching a physical drive always ended up in crashing the guest to never be started again because virsh actually messes up it's own xml config! so you need to edit the machine to make it work again. then it starts but hey - for how long?

and don't get me started on the idiotic qemu drive images! could someone explain to me why the xml file sais the image was going to be mounted as hba/ide but really it is going to be mounted as scsi sda? what sense does that make? is there a way to handle this properly via lvm? no, there isn't. because all of your lvm volumes will end up to be represented as drives, not as partitions which would make plenty more sense to me.

I'm through with this shit - I'm going back to lenny with xen - I cannot even say it's been nice while it lasted because it hasn't.

Faulbaer (fsck that shit - I'm outta here!)

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blogging with blosedit

finally got around to installing some slightly more appealing frontend to my blosxom weblog than bxr. mainly because there doesn't seem to exist any good blog editor like ecto that works well with the metablog engine and doesn't cost a fortune. I guess that's because there aren't many engines besides wordpress and serendipity out there anymore ... ah, yes movable type, almost forgot about what this blog had started on.

at last I can blog from everywhere with wifi and soon it's going to be wifi or any given cellphone standard.

Faulbaer (so exciting)

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mario cart wii

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