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2010.08.14, 11:38

kvm? I've had it.

I've really had it - I'm going back to xen - kvm may be the better, faster, more stable and more actively developed engine but to be honest, it's not just the engine, I need the tools around it to be working, too.

I've tried to make it work for one-and-a-half days now and that's kind of the longest time I've put into new software-product that is constantly failing, ever. kvm may be working like a charm but vmbuilder and virsh are nothing short of a pile of crap, designed to make a seasoned administrator cry.

vmbuilder cannot resolve dependencies and appears to be so much more beta than the straight-forward xen-tools I cannot begin to understand why I put so much effort into trying to make it work. I should have just stopped when it wouldn't build a 'hardy' guest. I should have stopped, when I saw the --part param would only accept four partitions - all of them turned out primary by the way. I should have stopped when I saw that --raw was just constantly ignored. I should have stopped, when it automatically added the wrong bridge device. But I tried and tried and tried - just to give virsh a go.

virsh is so overdeveloped bloat it makes me want to organise it's developers into an anonymous xml-java-addicts group. not only is it impossible to see where it's current configuration is stored - some parameters cannot even be changed without going into the virsh shell first. this poorly documented pile of shit wouldn't see the changes I made in qemu/networks/default.xml even after a reboot. that's why most tutorials work with the default settings for virbr0 - their authors just didn't know where to change this shit. Ididn't find even a single document describing where this had to be done - not one! attaching a physical drive always ended up in crashing the guest to never be started again because virsh actually messes up it's own xml config! so you need to edit the machine to make it work again. then it starts but hey - for how long?

and don't get me started on the idiotic qemu drive images! could someone explain to me why the xml file sais the image was going to be mounted as hba/ide but really it is going to be mounted as scsi sda? what sense does that make? is there a way to handle this properly via lvm? no, there isn't. because all of your lvm volumes will end up to be represented as drives, not as partitions which would make plenty more sense to me.

I'm through with this shit - I'm going back to lenny with xen - I cannot even say it's been nice while it lasted because it hasn't.

Faulbaer (fsck that shit - I'm outta here!)

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