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2010.10.08, 23:53

verio's support team now far beyond stupidity [update 3]

I've had it - I want out. I'm looking for a DNS provider who let's me do the following easily:

- register new DNS servers

- add domains and point those to my registered dns servers

- edit ripe-handles and domain-handles

- generate clean whois-records

- handle the tollowing domains: .info, .de, .us, .it, .net, .com, .org

a plus would be if their support team did _not_ have their heads up their asses. let me elaborate:

if I for example write a mail to said support (in this case verio's) I expect the supporter (pick one in seven idiots) to read my mail and understand what my issue might be and solve it - then either tell me the solution or that it's been solved, please. what I do _not_ expect is:

- "please use the domain editor" if I asked for registering a dns-server

- "the name servers are already registered" if I report a bug in the domain manager not to be able to save a setting just only for dot-info domains

- "please use a registered from-address" if I report a bug in the domain manager for the seventh time always with the same ticket ID and almost identical mails

- "please provide the dns-ip" as a reply to my bug report including screen-shots with said addresses

- "the name-servers are already registered" if I report a bug in the domain manager that shows entries from a dns-cache of one server but not from the real world configuration - here lacking two other dns-servers that still can't be configured for my dot-info domains

- "please set lock domain to disabled" if ticket-history shows that this has been suggested and failed before - also this is not the right response to a mail stating that the domain manager is buggy

- "we are here 24 hours 7 days a week" if they really respond every some days and overall in an undeterminable interval

I'm shocked about verio's bad service in this regard. also there appears to be no way to escalate the issue to more senior staff at verio. I can only assume they must have lost good people over money and bad management.

I'm past angry - I even started and stopped swearing because although I first asked for verio's support almost two moths ago but they still haven't gotten their act together. for my info-domains now the dns-settings aren't redundant anymore - so if the main dns can't be reached, nobody will be able to send me mail or access my sites.

I need to switch to a more reliable service. DNS is just too important to be pissed away by badly trained idiots working for a company that doesn't care for their customers. I need a service-provider who knows their reponsibilities.

any takers? any good hints where to go to?

Faulbaer (it's frustrating to see bad technicians fail the simplest tasks)

update: verio support staff is so stupid I had to make a screencast about what's wrong with their domain-manager. I bet they won't even watch it but instead send me a default text-block message again. I need to leave them ASAP - please suggest a DNS provider who is at least less stupid!

video: http://files.tosses.info/~jmt/verio/

update 2: (my recent history with ntt/verio-hosting or verio.com)

Early August:
My request: Please register two new name-servers (via web-form)
Response: No response

August 25:
My request: Please register two new name-servers (via mail)

Response: In order to successfully open an issue your email must contain your account domain name in the "subject" line of your message.

My request: Please register two new name-servers (mail-subject: tosses.info)

Verio Support: Case [IDS-12758465]

Reynier C.: Copy & paste-response that has nothing to do with the request.

My response: There is a bug in your domain-manager. Please register two new name-servers

Joey G.: "Lock/Unlock Registration is enabled" (which by the way was wrong or due to the domain-manager being faulty)

My response: Please register two new name-servers (with further explanation)

August 26:
Reynier C.: "I would like to inform you that the name server settings for tosses.info is already" ... (this is not true but looks that way because of your domain-manager being buggy)

My response: Please register two new name-servers (with more explanation along with links to wikipedia)

Response: No response

September 9:
Verio, Inc.: Sends me a broken Whois record - the one I'm asking to get fixed

It's unclear if my name-servers have been registered or not.

My response: I don't respond - this doesn't concern the case

September 16:
My request: Sending my previous message again as it hadn't been replied to

My request: Reporting a domain-manager issue including detailed screenshots

Verio Support: Case [IDS-12811468]

Joni E: "With regard to the concern, tosses.info is already pointed to your desired name servers. Below is our dig results." (which is NOT what I was asking for and besides that NOT TRUE)

My response: Results are misleading due to a bug in your software. Further details.

Response: No response

Septmeber 22
My request: Sending my previous message again as it hadn't been replied to

September 24:
Emmanuel B: "Regarding the concern, may I know if you had already contacted our domain services department with regards to this issue?"

September 26:
My response: Sending my previous message again to Domain Service, Joni E, Emmanuel B

Response: No response

September 29:
My request: Cry for help as this is becoming time-critical now
Emmanuel B: "To further assist you, kindly forward your concern to our Domain Services Department through their email"

My response: Did that, no result. It's about a bug, not about a domain-registration. 24/7 is a lie.

September 30: (today my contract with one of my ISPs ends and one DNS goes away)
Emmanuel B: "I have duplicated the reported issue regarding DNS problem, and I have determined that further research is required"

Katherine B: "I have forwarded your request to register the following nameservers to our Domain Services department"

This was partially sucessful - I can change most of my domains now and the two new name-servers have probably been registered in the meantime. Still for all of my dot-info domains the issue persists. I cannot change or save the configuration of my dot-info domains which are vital to my business-communication.

October 1:
My request: Reporting an issue with dot-info domains in your domain-manager

October 5:
Reggie A: "In regards to your email,we will need the ip address for these name servers in order to complete your request."
(What now? Those addresses have been in the very first mails in the ticket! also this should have been done by now?! This is your answer after one week?)

October 8:
My request: "Help!"

Response: Case [IDS-12869421]

Response: Case [IDS-12869420]

(What now? Why?)

Francis R: "Our client's account security is important to us. Our record shows that this email is originating from a non-contact email address of the account."

Francis R: "With regard to the concern, we check the domain and found that the name servers are already been configured. Please see details below." (NOT TRUE! If Francis had read the ticket(s) this would be clear!)

My response: Wrong. Fix it or call me: 0049 228 6849928

My response: You are stalling. I will have to discuss this with your supervisor.

Reynier C: "Due to security reasons, I regret to inform you that we cannot provide sensitive information to a non-contact email address."
(I don't want information - I am reporting a bug! You are stalling!)

My request: Sending my previous mail (from a registered address, having lost hours due to your staff's stalling)

Response: Case [IDS-12871653]

Response: Case [IDS-12871652]

My response: "Dude - are you serious? You're stalling. Get it the fsck done ASAP." (Excuse me, I'm losing my communication - I'm getting angry)

Joey G: "Regarding your concern, we checked the Lock/Unlock Registration and found that the Registration is enabled. This is the reason why you were unable to change your name server." (This is either a lie or due to the bug I reported - either way Joey G clearly hasn't followed the ticket trail, lazy of him.)

October 9:
My response: Escalate, Supervisor, Blog-post
(and I am equally frustrated and desperate by now since first services stopped sending mail and there is no redundancy left because of your bad service)

Joey G: "I've checked the DNS records for martell-de.info, tosses.info, and afkb.info, and it appears that you were able to update their nameservers today." (NO IT IS NOT! As I stated before this is a misrepresentation! Your domain-manager HAS A BUG!)

My response: I am beyond angry. I made a screencast to describe what is going on: http://files.tosses.info/~jmt/verio/

October 11: (A lot of mails are bouncing, customers cannot access my sites)
My request: "HELP!" ... alongside some perfectly understandable swearing.

My request: Bug report plus video link

My request: Formal complaint.

[update 3]

in the meantime thie issue has been partially resolved by a verio support member who read my ranting on tw.... well everywhere. I have to stipulate 'partially' because the domain manager hasn't been fixed yet. so what's the aftermath?

[x] two months waiting, explaining, shouting and temper for a two minute action

[x] name-servers registered

[x] whois-information in order

[-] domain-manager still broken

my next step will be to spread-out and find two or three registratrs where I will register name-servers so that I'm less dependent on just one service-provider. I'm not a huge customer but I really rely on DNS!

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