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2009.11.25, 12:09

diet rules

I've gotten way too heavy over the past five years and it's time to kiss the pounds goodbye. It's not the first time I tried that but this time I'm going to succeed ... probably. Anyway - as a simple-minded guy I need some easy rules to follow - this worked very well with past self-hacking attempts like giving up smoking with the two simple rules:

- don't smoke the next cigarette
- don't suck on anything that glows

or getting up early with actually only one easy rule to follow:

- get up at the same time each day

now it's time for setting some simple rules for my diet to become a success - I might further improve the rules along the way but right now I'm going to start with four:

- I have to wait at least 30 minutes, better 60 minutes between meals
- no sugary beverages like cola, lemonade, fruit-juice, etc.
- vegetables are always allowed as long as they don't contain sugar
- I can eat whatever I want whenever I want to as long as I comply to the first rule

the first rule is the most important right now because my body just doesn't say 'stop' soon enough. I tend to eat much more than I'd need to just because the signaling is broken by training.

so if I define a meal as what I prepare to be eaten at a given time and don't add stuff afterwards that hadn't been part of the original meal with the 30 minutes rule I should be in the safe-zone.

the second rule is very simple, too. it's much easier to give something up entirely than to balance it. sugary beverages are an easy way to absorb much more energy than I can burn - thus making me fat. I'm going to miss them, yes, but last time I tried that it really wasn't that hard.

vegetables like small tomatoes, cucumber and the like don't pack too much energy. I don't like vegetables anyway - so they are just allowed.

the last rule is to take off the pressure. I know I can eat whatever I want to whenever I want to - so I just need to wait like 30 minutes max to be free to prepare a great meal of french fries, butter-sticks and cheese-spread ... if I'm still hungry. so ... 30 minutes time are plenty enough to stop the craving and that's again the smart hack about the last rule - although it takes pressure out of the equation it doesn't do any real harm - at least that's the current theory ;-)

compared to giving up smoking and getting up early, succeeding in a diet is more complicated because again, it's about balancing and not just stopping something - I can't just stop eating - I need to the right amount of energy for my body without suffering too much to keep the diet going. the more complicated the system, the more simple rules I need. I think four rules are a great start and I hope I can even get rid of the third rule some day.

my last two diets went wrong because in the first I only reduced the amount and didn't restrict myself on the schedule - I also left out sports entirely. in the second diet I did the sports but ate like a pig - so although I didn't gain wight when I had to cut the sports short for work - well - it didn't take too long for my weight to become 'normal' again.

this time I'll try a combination of moderate sports and my diet rules to reduce my weight to a healthy level. I'm fairly confident that it's going to work much better than in the past but only time will tell.

Faulbaer (and now it's time for my workout)

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