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2009.10.13, 20:19

riding the wave

sunday night I've finally been invited to the google wave beta or soft-launch if it's anything like orkut, gmail and all the other google projects that have been started up in a similar way.

so ... how is it? is google wave the upcoming replacement for email and web communication? will we start collecting our common knowledge in wiki-like highly dynamical google waves in the near future?

I can't tell - google wave has much potential but in it's current state it's just too messy - there is no order to it and information gets lost easily. verything evolves around searches - if you want to go out and play the first thing you have to learn is how to filter the big public wave - or you are going to drown.

I have to admit that I like the current google wave implementation for what it is - a kind of documentation chat communication wiki technologiy that can be populated easily. it's kind of like a brainstorming device. to make it valuable for more than that it will have to go a long way - it will have to evolve like all the other internet services did before the wave was born.

right now from my point of view it's lacking some important features:

- most of my friends aren't yet on the wave

- there is no really easy (as in bookmarklet) way of adding things to the wave

- there is no way of partially extracting waves into anything else but new waves - I'd rather see some embedded threading like linking where you add stuff from one wave to another but where it's only displayed in the new wave but edited/stored in the originating wave

- I need to be able to get rid of contacts - I guess that's just a bug right now

- rights management isn't yet what I'm looking for

- I'd really like to install my own wave on my own server, connecting to the wwwave on my terms

- I'd like to be able to participate privately without my (nick)name showing up in every wave I visit

- there should be a way to easily clean a wave up - or collapse less important communication

- it should be distiguishable if parts of a wave are communication, comments or information and not just a big whirly mixture of all of it - maybe I'll need to read the manual

there are lots more things that will have to be worked out but I have to admit that google wave is very charming and I really like it.

right now I have to tell you that I can't invite anyone to google wave - I never could - so be patient - sooner or later either I'm going to be able to invite people or google wave is going to go public before that.

Faulbaer (riding the wave)

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