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2009.04.10, 08:49

das language problem

you know it, they have seen it and I've been pretty much comfortable with that for the past ten years: latent spontaneous cross language boundry communication - or language switching.

I've been pondering about how to include english content into my weblog properly and I couldn't find the perfect answer. doing it right would be to a) translate the archive, b) introduce language-selection buttons and c) writing every article in both languages starting with the launch date. I decided that this was not an option because I'm just too lazy.

yesterday I upgraded my zimbra open source server to the starter network edition and again the question came up how to inform my english speaking audience properly. today it just came to me - I've always communicated that way outside the internet and therefore there is no good reason not to do it here:

from now on I'm going to switch languages whenvever I please.

That was simple, wasn't it? in the near future my weblog will be a mixture of english, german and maybe even french articles. I can't seem to find any real problem with it. if any of my readers can't understand an article, it probably wasn't meant for them in the first place. from my german audience I just expect english skills that easily match mine and for my english followers I will write in english when I think the content is interesting enough for a larger audience or just if I'm in the mood.

whoever comes from google will see the article they had been linked to and won't even expect anything strange to be going on since they will end up in their language zone most of the time.

the times where a weblog's whole content could be classified either to be of one or another language are over. now this decision will have to be made on a case to case basis as it's been with twitter all along.

I won't translate this article into german because whoever can't translate the article themselves will find out what's going on over the next few articles anyway. ^_^

I will however add language tags to every article from now on so that visitors will be able to decide for a content-stream in one chosen language if they want to. maybe I'm even going to add little flag symbols somewhere on the page ;-)

Faulbaer (man - seroisly, that's quantum leap stuff!)

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