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2009.04.15, 07:28

upgrading zimbra open source to network edition

I just upgraded from zimbra's open source edition to the zimbra network zcs starter edition with fifteen professional network licensed mailboxes but no support. if the server had been just for me I hadn't bothered getting the upgrade but since I'm hosting some minor clients as well as my family the backup and restore features of the pro version appeared to be a must have.

there is no official debian install package of the network edition and I went with the ubuntu server install package instead. I needed to run the installation with an override switch at the command line but besides that it's running perfectly smooth. since I won't be getting support anyway that's a working option for my setup.

I had some problems getting the logger process to work but after all I found out that just cron wasn't running and that daemon is needed for a properly running logger service.

now I have backups running and most of zimbra works beautifully. I'm already rsyncing my backups to a secondary server and as soon as that job is done I'm going to setup a secondary failover zimbra at home.

there is much to like about zimbra as a groupware as well as just a webmail service with special features. I've been working with zimbra for quite a while now and besides the following shortcomings I've been very happy with the product: I'm not too happy about the 'wiki@' users for the document spaces which are taking up accounts from the license like the spam*@ and ham*@ accounts do. currently I'm paying for four administrative maintainance accounts with my license fees. I'm going to run that issue over customer care because I can't see how that can be ok.

I'm very excited about my future with zimbra - if people ask me about something to get around or even rid of exchange, today I usually answer with google or zimbra, depending on their setup and paranoia level.

Faulbaer (rsync still running - it's gonna take a while)

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