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2010.08.19, 02:21

if in doubt ... use xen

it's done, I've decided and it's become a xen system on lenny. to sum it up real quick: ubuntu server: pain in the arse. kvm very much unfinished busines. vmbuilder hyped crap. virsh pretty much is like masochism.

if I hadn't spent all my energy on trying to get virsh and kvm running on ubuntu first and later on debian lenny - well - I might have given centos a try. but after two-and-a-half day I was just too exhausted for further experimenting and just worked with what I knew would work: debian lenny, xen and lvm. xm-create-image works like a charm and does what it promises. not half of it or only two thirds right and the rest is a mess - it just does what it can and that it does very well.

in fact I already started migrating services to the new box. the weblog is already there. I couldn't be happier. the really big thing is going to be the zimbra migration but I've done that before and it worked every time. so no bad expectations here.

I've decided to drop ejabberd since I'm the only user it's kind of an overkill. also I guess zimbra's jabber services should have improved by now - so I'm gonna try that.

I haven't yet decided if I'm going to upgrade the old server or use the old machine as backup system. will figure that out sooner or later - got enough time for thinking, now that the new system is running well and migration seems to be going on pretty easy, too.

firt blogpost on the new machine - hope it works - fingers crossed ;)

Faulbaer (permissions set properly? we'll see ...)

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