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2010.03.23, 08:14

os-jihad: which flavor of linux for my next server?

my server is getting old - not only the hardware is way beyond due but also the operating system needs to be at least upgraded to the next major version. as always in this situation I'm pondering my operating system options - what has happened since my last major upgrade? what are my current options and what flavor of unix or linux do I want to use - and why?

I have to consider several requirements for my operating-system shootout and I have to decide between at least those competitors:

- debian lenny
- ubuntu server
- centos
- gentoo

my server currently is running xen, apache, varnish, djbdns, zimbra, ejabberd, mysql and occasionally some ftp-daemon. I could switch to lighty, I could switch to bind I even could switch to kmu or some other alternative to xen. but usually changing less works better for me.

right now I'm torn between ubuntu server which is supported by the zimbra folks and gentoo which I really like to work with because it's cutting edge and the package maintainers really keep their shit together most of the time. debian lenny would be my first choice if it worked with zimbra right out of the box and without any hackery involved. centos is just not my flavor of linux but still a sane choice in regard of stability, long-time-support etc. ... well - I'm not always a sane person I guess.

since I know so many great sytem administrators with their own perfectly good reasons for favoring one flavor of linux over the other I'm convinced I'd better just pass the ball to you my dear friends and let you recommend your very favorite linux to me.

please try and keep the signal/noise ratio in check and just suggest operating systems that really make sense to me. I can't afford vmware infrastructure nor do I own hardware that is certified to be used for vmware esx. if you really feel the urge to correct any commentor or me for that matter, please do this in a civilized manner.

at least state the three big "w":

- what? (which os would you suggest?)
- why? (why whould you suggest this?)
- when? (is a major change expected that's worth waiting for?)

please help me find the right operating system for my next server and leave a comment.

Faulbaer (guess I'm better gonna twitter this, too)

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