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2009.07.23, 08:48

updates & news - desaster, pain & fun

first of all I joined a party - the pirate party who's main goals are to strengthen civil rights around the internet, freedom of information and data protection laws. another main topic are copyright laws, fair use and to figure out how to finance culture and creativity fairly and properly today. my main reason for joining a party was the feeling my main interests as well as my way of life not to be properly represented by the current main parties - at least in the important areas. the pirate party has some main topics their members know best about - the rest of politics isn't too far off with the main parties - therefore I don't mind to be represented by majorities in those topics.

besides that I've been to a world wide photo walk in bonn which was fun and interesting. I didn't have the time to upload anything yet and I doubt to do so anyways - my photos weren't actually any good and I decided to upload less mediocre photos some weeks ago. won't be possible all the time but I'm trying to improve my output here. I also started to take photos for tilllate, a party/clubbing/disco portal. my first project was the hausbar in bonn. I'll be the replacing @saschaludwig for as long as he'll have to work for HAR in the netherlands. he also got me hooked up with the portal ;-)

as you may have imagined, my current lack of blog-output is due to a new job (in germany) as well as risen twitter, facebook and soup activity. I guess I'll switch my blog to english for good - most of the people who know me are fluent in english or even native speakers. kuenftig wird es hier keine deutschsprachigen updates mehr geben. I'll try to switch all my (web-)communication to english over the upcoming months. it's not that I don't like german - it's just the opposite! I want to improve my english to a level that comes close to my skills in german - for that I'll need practice practice practice. as soon as I'm happy with that I'm going to go on to french - well ... at least that's the plan for now o_O

and now for something completely different: a safety note: cats can burn your house down - beware! one of my cats used one of cat's many different ways to communicate with us mere can openers - the cat was pissed about something - maybe the litter box but who knows? the cat chose the voice of pee to express it's ... uhm ... message - and it did it right into the power supplies of my internet uplink in the hallway. it survived but the uplink did not. before the smoldering short circuit blew out the fuse there was the smell of burned rubber in the air - also there was a terrible noise of electric burn. I myself chose the voice of cold water to express my feelings about the now salty and burned pee smelling ruins of my router's power supply to the cat - but I can't help it - I think I should have listened sooner :-/ I was lucky! the huse could have burned down - next thing to be installed will be a cover for all those electric things my cats shall not 'speak' to. my employer uses soekris boxes, too - so I could lend one and got my system fixed yesterday night - now I need to order a new power-supply but at least I know most of the rest is ok ... one apple notebook power-supply is gone, too.

the same night I fixed my internet uplink, my drobo died on my - this time for good I guess. everything is red now and it states 'too many drives removed' although I didn't remove any drive at all. let's see how drobo responds to my support call - I read on twitter they saved other drobo users data ... thumbs crossed. I'd lose not only tons of port but also my itnues library with all the iphone apps and the like as well as some home video stuff and backups I put onto the drobo to be ... uhm ... extra safe. to drobo's defense I need to admit I had two seagate drives with faulty firmwares and there was a certain risk they'd fail together one time - but I couldn't afford new ones to solve that redundancy problem - had been wanting to do that for months now - but it's gonna be ok - I can feel it ... *cries*

that's all for now, folks!

Faulbaer (I really hope it's gonna be ok!)

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