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2011.12.19, 00:44

mental notes from today's shooting

did an exciting outdoor model shooting in duesseldorf together with @dominik today. after reviewing most of the images and while shooting I made some mental notes for similar events in the future. since I cannot seem to remember anything important I decided to put those notes into my near-dead weblog for later. I reckon I will have forgotten about these by the time I need them for the next shooting. story of my life.

• a second flash was a good idea as the first died seconds after the batteries were in
• insert batteries before you leave
• check equipment on packing, check charges
• umbrellas were a bad idea, a bigger sunbounce reflector might be a good idea
• light stands were a stupid idea
• a grey card doesn't make sense at all
• the light meter could have been a good idea if I had more assistants
• the ct gels could have worked if I had used any
• the tripod was a good idea for some of the shots - need a better ball-head
• should have used the eye-fi/ipad combo while shooting
• need a manfrotto arm to attach the flash to the sunbounce
• a backup with a 28-70/2.8 kind of lens might have been nice

well - so far with the notes. I might add some things after further editing the images.

Faulbaer ("Alter Bär!")

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