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mental notes from today's shooting

did an exciting outdoor model shooting in duesseldorf together with @dominik today. after reviewing most of the images and while shooting I made some mental notes for similar events in the future. since I cannot seem to remember anything important I decided to put those notes into my near-dead weblog for later. I reckon I will have forgotten about these by the time I need them for the next shooting. story of my life.

• a second flash was a good idea as the first died seconds after the batteries were in
• insert batteries before you leave
• check equipment on packing, check charges
• umbrellas were a bad idea, a bigger sunbounce reflector might be a good idea
• light stands were a stupid idea
• a grey card doesn't make sense at all
• the light meter could have been a good idea if I had more assistants
• the ct gels could have worked if I had used any
• the tripod was a good idea for some of the shots - need a better ball-head
• should have used the eye-fi/ipad combo while shooting
• need a manfrotto arm to attach the flash to the sunbounce
• a backup with a 28-70/2.8 kind of lens might have been nice

well - so far with the notes. I might add some things after further editing the images.

Faulbaer ("Alter Bär!")

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model communities, forums and portals

I'm not impressed. not only that I expected far more photographers on an international portal like model mayhem, the defacto leader of the model photography portal pack, for me as a newcomer next to everything in these web-services feels wrong and yesterdayish. almost all of the user-interfaces appear to be hurried together. most of them look like they had begun as a web-shop, a forum or even a weblog-engine. there is no interconnection, no way out and no way in. there is no way to standardize your input or to update all of those portals at once. there seem to be no APIs anyone can use. there are no iphone apps to work with those sites. the only way to stay current is to keep a tab open in your web-browser.

since all of them claim they'd make our lives as photographers or models or stylists easier, I see some great opportunities ignored here. portals that look like shit, feel like shit and don't have any means to improve won't be able to survive too long.

I guess there will be one to rule them all in the near future. It's key-features will be the following:

- connections to all the important social networks like facebook, flickr, google, twitter, soup.io and so on

- a simple user-interface, streamlined to the needs of the users. models get a model view, photographers get a photographer view etc.

- import-wizards to get your information (and hopefully your contacts) from other sites

- it will be invitation-only for a time

- it will offer spam-detection as well as counter-measures

- it will offer add-words or some similar revenue-stream again for each user individually

- it will offer a recommendation-system for users who interact together in the way facebooks suggests contacts and amazon suggests stuff based on previous interactions

- a subscription will probably make advertisement go away

- with any luck there will be localized standard-contracts for tfp or other shooting-types ready to be agreed on online, printed out and filed before the shoot

- the service will be meshed with everything. images will be hosted at flickr, contracts in google-docs, mail with google, comments with disqus, locations with qype and google-maps, stuff with amazon, ebay and google, contacts with facebook and twitter, paypal for payments etc. why invent the wheel over and over again? most problems have been solved an just need to be pieced together via api-calls

- there will be an iphone-app with notifications to never miss an opportunity

- there will be filters for people with many contacts to keep their inboxes in check

- maybe there will be forums attached to the service but those need to be moderated and that seems to be overkill

I'm not yet sure where to host nude-photography properly since flickr isn't really up to the task for various reasons. maybe those images would be the only ones hosted on the portal.

anyway - I'm pretty sure there will be a new big player in the market within a year and I'll be happy to switch to their service if they even got half of what I proposed earlier.

Faulbaer (currently registered with 5 such services all of which suck plenty)

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mario cart wii

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