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my wishlist for aperture 3 ... if it's ever going to be released

I have a list of what I'd really like to see in aperture 3:

- ability to load and unload several aperture databases/libraries

- ilife and iwork integration being aware of (if not tracking) several aperture libraries/databases

- better performance in aperture itself as well as the aperture vault backup process

- ability to recover single folders, projects, albums, photos and even versions from the aperture vault backup

- non-destructive aperture library consistence check routines

- improved handling of decentral stored offline- and online-data

- ability to store files on a networked dedicated aperture server for several aperture clients to work with - I mean, it's 2010 dudes, gigabit networks are so yesterdayish, aren't they?

- ability to keep track of and maintain redundantly stored data - I want my photos to be everywhere and I want aperture to care for all the copies to stay current - that's not rocket science, just implement it!

- better web-publishing implementation tapping into services like flickr, ilife, photo-bucket, istockphoto and the like - also there should be easily accessible interfaces to publish to the common blogengines, microblogs and the like

- interfaces to easily work with the plugin-architecture in a non-destructive way. If I change colors, the size or anything in a plugin I just don't want aperture to export and reimport a tiff or psd file - I want plugins to be far deeper integrated into aperture - I'd actually like to see those plugins to dock right into the adjustment boxes, using the same mechanisms apertures adjustment panels do, being placed at a sane position in the workflow - generally before the sharpening and the vignetting steps ... am I the only one to be annoyed with the current way this is done in aperture? plugins should be just another layer to go through in the workflow!

- ability to work with huge files - I'm regularly getting 'unsupported image type' errors when I'm working with photoshop files larger than 300 mb which happens quite a lot. there is no need for aperture to act like that on a machine with over ten gigs of ram almost entirely dedicated to be used by aperture and photoshop

- make batch-processing available to keyboard users. I don't want to dive into menus and sub-menus just to add a tag to several images or to stamp adjustments to more than one photo

- get exif- and geo-data working properly - make adding and changing this data more accessible

Faulbaer (I'm going to add more in the future I guess ... )

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snow leopard installer let me jump through hoops

took me some time to finally decide for an upgrade to mac os x snow leopard. after comparing the software I will need for work with the snow leopard compatibility list on wikidot and carefully considering what I could live without for some time yesterday I started the upgrade process by inserting the dvd and double-clicking the setup icon soon after that.

the installer fired up and after some more clicks it presented me with the choice to install snow leopard onto my drobo - wait a second, where were my drives gone?

the installer doesn't offer apple's software raids as destination drives. despite what several knowledge-base articles around that topic state I could figure it out myself. there was no need for breaking the raid up or moving data to another drive and reformating the raid or anything like that.

I just had to boot from the install dvd instead of starting the installer on my booted (snow) leopard. an interesting sidenote: it's not just the drivers - the install process after booting the dvd must be different from the installer application - even I started the installer application from snow leopard it wouldn't show me my raid volumes to install the system onto. that's strange behaviour.

my mac book air crashed after starting the installer from a remote drive - or so I thought - later I tried that again and it just behaved as if it had crashed while examining the system drive for some minutes. the screen wouldn't refresh. when I came back a little later it told me to boot from the install media and had to 'repair' my drive.

installing a new operating system via wifi still gives me the chills. but including the disk repair it went through in less than two hours. the only thing I'm not so happy with is that something very wrong must have happened to the keychain. I'm getting lots of password requests for everything. also many file types don't seem to be connected to the right applications anymore - why ever.

does anyone have a clue why apple wouldn't make rosetta (two megabytes!) a default install option? can't be in the interest of their customers to make this an optional install :/

Faulbaer (what I miss most are letterbox and gpgmail for mail.app)

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mario cart wii

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