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philips' and canon's bad customer service

I'm through with them - both of them. it's not going to hurt them anyway because I already bought many of their products but never no more - I've had it.

what this rant is about you may ask - and I'll tell you - so silence!

late 2008 I bought several philips products from amazon. a toaster, a tooth-brush, a coffee maker, a blender, an electric razor and some more things. I killed the toaster by accident and went to customer care to have it repaired or replaced for a fair amount of money. as it turns out philips finds more than the price of the unit on amazon plus shipping fees fair for a toaster that has one broken hot-wire - I'm not amused. I openly stated that it was my fault and that's how I'm being treated - I'm angry I bought the same toaster again after the first broke. that's been the last time I'd suggest a philips product to anyone - I'm for sure not going to buy any of their products again.

with canon it's a slightly different story. I bought four canon selphy photo printers at a local photo store (city photo center) for a reduced price that turned out to be very close to the original product price - well - that's a risk I took and that's ok. not ok was that two power supply units were missing and for some reason the store wasn't able to get me any for months - I finally took something different for the ebay price instead. then I gave canon a call and told them the story. canon thinks it's fair to take double the internet price for those power-supplies plus a ten euro shipping fee. had been the same when my mom accidently had dropped her camera or when my father's camera's battery died - canon's customer care just doesn't cut it for me. I'm not going to suggest any of their products to anyone again - I'm not going to buy any of their products ever again for sure.

there is enough competition out there that I can test. I remember good customer service with HP, Nikon palm, Nintendo, Graef and sometimes even Apple.

why should I put up with companies that obviously don't want to keep me as a customer? this year I spent about seven k on consumer and other electronics - last year that must have been even more than ten k. I'm a big spender for what I earn and I don't see any good reason to spend money on products of companies that don't seem to appreciate me as customer.

I don't want to get anything for free and I think good products and good service have to be reflected by a reasonable price. usually I will decide for the more expensive product in the expectation of receiving a better value for my money. sometimes I think it's ok to go with the cheap no-service-at-all offer. I have to admit that I'm fairly pissed when the cheapos turn out to offer the better service than those companies I paid more. all I'm asking for is a reasonably priced service and customer care that's not only worth it's name but also worth what I paid for. canon and philips don't offer those so I'd suggest not to buy from them.

Faulbaer (I suggest: don't buy canon products and don't buy philips products)

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palm pre - what I like about it and what not

seven minutes before the o2-shop (friedensplatz, bonn, germany) officially opened I already had my new palm pre in my hands - and it was booting. actually it took the device quite some time to become operational. I was able to sign into yet another evil mobile phone contract, could discuss certain aspects of past o2 contracts and even pay for the mobile phone before I was presented with the launch video.

to keep simple things simple just let me stipulate that I really fell in love with the palm pre several times for various reasons - and today hasn't been any different. I have spent the whole day fooling around with the device and it's just gorgeous! it's far from perfect and it does things wrong that the iphone does right but thats also the case the other way around.

I'll start with what I don't like and what needs to be fixed to keep me hooked. then I'll show what I find to be absolutely adorable about it.

I can't compare the palm pre with any of the android phones out there because I never had one and I didn't spend much time with any of those competitors.

things I don't like:

- the touch screen is a bit less impressive than the iphone's ... in terms of precision - for example if I get close to the screen's borders, the pre just isn't sensitive enough

- there is no leopard in it - even though my current iphone 3g doesn't pack too much power it certainly feels faster and I don't know how to say that right - the applications feel more sturdy.

- the UI is beautiful but everything behaves a bit differently. not only the major apps but almost every app there is has something uinique about it's UI. that I consider to be a bad thing. yes it's true that using an iphone can be boring and dull but you always know what to do where, what button to push when or ... well ... you erase the application because it's just not worth the hassle to deal with crappy apps - there are so many good apps out there, why waste time on learning to use a specifically designed UI for one single app - it just doesn't make sense

- itnues, the app store those things I'm really going to miss with the palm pre - I mean let's be honest - the palm won't ever come even close to anything apple has in store for their iphone and ipod touch users - that's a fact!

- really annoying is that as soon as the charger usb cable is inserted, the touch screen is way off - it's slow, sloppy and pretty much useless - I don't know where that comes from but it's annoying the hell out of me

- the battery life is just too short - by all means - 50% down within two hours? is it broken?

now to what I really like about it:

- the palm pre feels elegant, sturdy and over all great in my hands - the keys could be bigger but needn't be - not for me ...

- it does many things far better than the iphone did them - mail, contacts, the phone, the camera - all of those functions perform better on the pre - but the real killer is the chat app - it's not only there as a task you can launch - nope - it's always there in the background, expecting new messages for you - displaying them in an unobtrusive but noticable way - I love the chat it should have jabber besides google talk but besides that it's the main killer app for me

- launching, switching quitting apps - it's just natural the way it's implemented. not only do I have multitasking - it actually is usuable and nice to work with. as an iphone user you have to experience this to believe how well it works - that's going to be the main thing apple is going to add to iphone os 4 for sure - no kidding - it's amazing! boom!

- synergy needs some filing around the rough edges but all in all it's as good as I expected it to be. all my contacts the pre identified as unique persons have been consolidated into one card each - it's so simple as it is great - and where the names were a bit off or something else didn't work I can easily link the stray contact to an existing main contact card and boom it's there - as easy as one two three ;-)

- my o2 store didn't have the touchstone charger for the pre but to be honest - I can't wait to get it - not only because the touch screen gets all messed up as soon as I connect the pre to the charging caple but also because it's just the next logical step to charge the device wirelessly

- it's not locked - I mean ... hey ... I signed into my most expensive mobile phone contract ever but still it's cheaper than anything t-mobile has to offer right now - and the device is unlocked! I can't tell if that's like that by mistake but I really don't care. I'm going to use eplus where I can and o2 where I need to and that's that

- the pre works with zimbra - and I mean 'works with zimbra' for real - not just a bit - it really works with zimbra all the way from mails to contacts to appointments - everything ... but tasks - I don't know why tasks didn't work properly but I'm going to find out - since today tasks didn't work for mail.app either but by noon today tasks started magically appearing in both, mail.app and zimbra webmail

- the keyboard is a necessity for single-hand usage - it's not perfect but after some getting used to it, I can now operate the pre with one hand - I like that

- notification - it's just the way we want it to be! new notifications like 'new mail', 'missed call', 'new sms', 'new tweet' or the like start piling up at the bottom of the screen - if you chose to ignore them the get small but don't completely disappear so you always know there is information waiting for you to have time to care for it - if you chose to ignore then more aggressively you just push them from the screen with a swipe of your thumb - gone - won't bother you again - yay! that's my faforite feature in the UI that's probably not going to appear in the iphone os too soon because it wouldn't work with it's UI -

- the camera is nice and way ahead of the iphone's camera - but that's probably going to change sooner or later - seems apple got the message about cameras - the ipod nano is a step into the right direction

- I can reuse the headsets I bought for the iphone - that's nice

well that's about all for today, folks - I couldn't use the media player because I couldn't figure out how to get audio onto the device - my video proved to be incompatible but that I'm going to fix ^_^

Faulbaer (I love the pre - glad I went for it)

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riding the wave

sunday night I've finally been invited to the google wave beta or soft-launch if it's anything like orkut, gmail and all the other google projects that have been started up in a similar way.

so ... how is it? is google wave the upcoming replacement for email and web communication? will we start collecting our common knowledge in wiki-like highly dynamical google waves in the near future?

I can't tell - google wave has much potential but in it's current state it's just too messy - there is no order to it and information gets lost easily. verything evolves around searches - if you want to go out and play the first thing you have to learn is how to filter the big public wave - or you are going to drown.

I have to admit that I like the current google wave implementation for what it is - a kind of documentation chat communication wiki technologiy that can be populated easily. it's kind of like a brainstorming device. to make it valuable for more than that it will have to go a long way - it will have to evolve like all the other internet services did before the wave was born.

right now from my point of view it's lacking some important features:

- most of my friends aren't yet on the wave

- there is no really easy (as in bookmarklet) way of adding things to the wave

- there is no way of partially extracting waves into anything else but new waves - I'd rather see some embedded threading like linking where you add stuff from one wave to another but where it's only displayed in the new wave but edited/stored in the originating wave

- I need to be able to get rid of contacts - I guess that's just a bug right now

- rights management isn't yet what I'm looking for

- I'd really like to install my own wave on my own server, connecting to the wwwave on my terms

- I'd like to be able to participate privately without my (nick)name showing up in every wave I visit

- there should be a way to easily clean a wave up - or collapse less important communication

- it should be distiguishable if parts of a wave are communication, comments or information and not just a big whirly mixture of all of it - maybe I'll need to read the manual

there are lots more things that will have to be worked out but I have to admit that google wave is very charming and I really like it.

right now I have to tell you that I can't invite anyone to google wave - I never could - so be patient - sooner or later either I'm going to be able to invite people or google wave is going to go public before that.

Faulbaer (riding the wave)

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mario cart wii

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