Faulbaer's Schlafmulde :: Aug 2009

why does adobe give everything to make me a pirate?

over the past week I've been trying everything to get an adobe photoshop extrended student edition license by applying to scott kelby's kelbytraining.com. To keep it short, it's impossible.

Not only can't Adobe seem to help me in my quest, even kelbytraining.com keeps dodging my requests - obviously they are trying to get me to sign into a contract with their online training site, very well knowing that I won't be able to get a legit student license from adobe by doing so but without telling me.

so - what can I do from here? I don't want to take offline lessons - usually the classes are too full, many trainers can't answer my questions, they don't teach in the right pace - whatever - I'm a complicated guy like many other creative people - schools didn't work for me so far and I'm not going to invest into that kind of system ever again.

what's the right way then? I can't afford a full license of photoshop - I won't be making money of it and I can't use the product yet - a student version in combination with some online training would be just the right thing.

so why oh why does adobe try to make me pirate the product? I'm used to buying what I use - but this needs to happen in the right context at a reasonable prize. I guess I'll just stick to the gimp for now - no adobe photoshop for me then.

Faulbaer (I won't sign up with a service I can't trust)

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