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replace the drive of an old type apple time capsule with an ssd

just the other week I tried to find out if the old square apple time capsule could run with an ssd drive. you know, the noisy hot one with an internal 3.5" sata drive between 500gb and 3tb? short answer: yes, you can.

why would anyone want to do that? ssd drives are super expensive!? simple answer: because I could ... nah ... of course I had my reasons.

I moved my time machines backups to the synology ages ago and was left with two different versions of the square time capsule. recently I became more and more annoyed with my wifi situation and thought - hey - those time capsules ... if they didn't have those burning hot noisy sata drives in them they should do well as low power wifi bridges with air print capabilities. if only they could run with an ssd ...

so after some research on the net I found nothing, nil, zilch - not a word on if I could replace the internal drive with a small ssd drive. so I ordered two super cheap 32gb king diam s100 drives from amazon for just more than eur 40. I could have gone with 8gb drives for eur 32 total but if those hadn't worked for this project I would have had to pay for the return shipping cost. yeah, german laws and all that ... who cares.

so yes, the drives work in the old type time capsule and yes, I could use roughly 30gb of space there which I won't. the smaller drives most probably would have worked, too. I would expect the smallest thing with a sata connector to work actually.

and by that I was able to re-furbish two perfectly good wifi access points for just eur 40 instead of purchasing new airport express or airport extreme base stations between eur 100 and 200.

Faulbaer (yes, I like the airport utility, that's why)

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