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os-jihad: which flavor of linux for my next server?

my server is getting old - not only the hardware is way beyond due but also the operating system needs to be at least upgraded to the next major version. as always in this situation I'm pondering my operating system options - what has happened since my last major upgrade? what are my current options and what flavor of unix or linux do I want to use - and why?

I have to consider several requirements for my operating-system shootout and I have to decide between at least those competitors:

- debian lenny
- ubuntu server
- centos
- gentoo

my server currently is running xen, apache, varnish, djbdns, zimbra, ejabberd, mysql and occasionally some ftp-daemon. I could switch to lighty, I could switch to bind I even could switch to kmu or some other alternative to xen. but usually changing less works better for me.

right now I'm torn between ubuntu server which is supported by the zimbra folks and gentoo which I really like to work with because it's cutting edge and the package maintainers really keep their shit together most of the time. debian lenny would be my first choice if it worked with zimbra right out of the box and without any hackery involved. centos is just not my flavor of linux but still a sane choice in regard of stability, long-time-support etc. ... well - I'm not always a sane person I guess.

since I know so many great sytem administrators with their own perfectly good reasons for favoring one flavor of linux over the other I'm convinced I'd better just pass the ball to you my dear friends and let you recommend your very favorite linux to me.

please try and keep the signal/noise ratio in check and just suggest operating systems that really make sense to me. I can't afford vmware infrastructure nor do I own hardware that is certified to be used for vmware esx. if you really feel the urge to correct any commentor or me for that matter, please do this in a civilized manner.

at least state the three big "w":

- what? (which os would you suggest?)
- why? (why whould you suggest this?)
- when? (is a major change expected that's worth waiting for?)

please help me find the right operating system for my next server and leave a comment.

Faulbaer (guess I'm better gonna twitter this, too)

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gulp stinkt mir

seit anfang des jahres bin ich bei gulp dabei und waehrend ich es schon fuer eine frechheit halte, nach einer sehr kurzen und nutzlosen testzeit, in ein abo gezwungen zu werden, bin ich als kunde des auftragsportals auch noch in anderer hinsicht unzufrieden. gulp stinkt mir - bis hier hin!

die seite kostet jene, die projekte suchen geld, ebenso wie solche, die projekte einstellen. ob 25 euro monatlich angemessen sind oder nicht, darueber laesst sich sicher streiten - ich finde es gemessen an der geringen menge eingehender projektvorschlaege zu teuer - auch liegen die vorgeschlagenen projekte zumeist so weit daneben, dass ich ernste zweifel an den faehigkeiten der entwicklern hinter den matching-algoritmen habe.

hinzu kommt, dass ich meine firma dort nicht angemessen repraesentieren darf, denn alles, was auf meine identitaet schliessen laesst, ist mir per vertrag verboten bekanntzugeben. damit soll ausgeschlossen werden, dass mich etwaige auftraggeber direkt ansprechen, ohne gulp dafuer ein angemessenes vermittlungsentgelt zu leisten. als vermittler kann man gulp natuerlich auch sofort vergessen, weil gulp ja selbst als vermittler auftritt und somit im pitch immer die nase vorn hat - dadurch suchen natuerlich vermittler auch nicht auf der plattform nach mir, dem experten.

was mich allerdings jetzt schlussendlich mehrfach genuegend veraergert hat, als dass ich mich zu einem blogeintrag genoetigt sah ist, dass mir gulp nicht nur unpassende angebote unterbreitet, sondern darauf, unter androhung der einseitigen kuendigung meiner mitgliedschaft, mir auch noch eine reaktion abnoetigt - eine reaktion, die dann postwendend mit einer projektabsage beantwortet wird. das ist gleichermassen frustrierend, wie unnoetig und ich habe ehrlich gesagt kein verstaendnis dafuer, wieso ich als kunde/mitglied/nutzer des portals mich so behandeln lassen muss.

ich zahle fuer sechs monate eine frech hohe gebuehr von 150 euro, werde dafuer schlecht vertreten, schlecht behandelt und erhalte unpassende angebote, auf die ich reagieren muss, was meine zeit kostet, um nicht von der plattform zu fliegen. davon abgesehen befindet sich das gesamte portal technisch noch in der internet-steinzeit - das kann ich mit meinem hintergrund im design und betrieb von modernen portalen wie neu.de und pkw.de ganz gut beurteilen.

fuer mich fuehlt sich das nach abzocke an. gulp hat jetzt noch knapp drei monate zeit, mir passende projekte anzubieten, dann bin ich da weg. weil es mir da so stinkt, kuendige ich aber vorsorglich gleich heute zum naechstmoeglichen zeitpunkt - kann die kuendigung ja aufheben, falls sich noch etwas aendert - wovon ich wirklich nicht ausgehe.

Faulbaer (hat hier irgendwer gute erfahrungen mit gulp gemacht - wer den ich kenne?)

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palm pre app store - don't pay for nothing?!

received a mail from palm today inviting me to download some electronic arts titles for free. after palm had removed all the us titles from the german store, I hadn't spent much time in their 'app catalog'. it's full of apps again and some of them seem to be worth a look.

what strikes me as odd idea is that still everything there is for free. either palm doesn't yet have a payment-model for their platform or it's just not yet switched on. I don't get that. from my point of view this is going to annoy customers in the long run because as soon as they switch on payment, the old customers won't buy apps because they already have what they need or just don't see a point in paying for things they used to get for free. the new customers won't pay either because why should they pay for apps other got for free? when we look back into the history of radio and tv, that's what happened there - and that's what made it so very complicated for pay-tv to get their business going - at least where I live.

anyway - I'm downloading tons of apps right now, so the 'freebie' newsletter worked to get me into the app catalog again. we will see if this is going to be enough.

while I'm at it, I must admit that web os has gotten better with the latest update (1.4.0). also some of the shipped apps have improved a bit so the palm still is a valid alternative to the iphone as well as android phones. I like the new camcorder option in the camera app and all those little tweaks, fixes and features palm added to the phones's current software.

syncing over the air is still missing - I don't understand why that is. it would be easy to add some rsync-based service via samba or sftp - why doesn't palm add such a feature? it's nice to charge the palm wirelessly so there should be an option to sync it the same way, too.

the only thing I don't expect them to fix via software upgrade is the messy touch display. it just cannot compete against apple's device. but from what I know - nobody else offers a display coming even close to what apple sells.

what still doesn't seem to work is the task synchronisation between zimbra and the pre. tasks I add on the pre find their way to the zimbra desktop but what I add to the zimbra desktop sadly doesn't show up on the pre - interestingly apple's mail.app won't show zimbra's task but the one of the pre. but tasks I add in mail.app won't show up in either the pre or the zimbra desktop. besides that it's taking ages for all the tasks to sync - this is just not ready for prime-time.

what really anoys me most on the pre is that it's localization is all wrong. when I set my pre to 'english' I expect it to speak english and get all the apps in english language - but it doesn't. at least the electronic arts apps are partly in german, partly in english - this is really poor performance. oh - a propos performance - it doesn't quite make a good impression if your game stops playing music or doesn't continue loading the menues after a game of need for speed - since I dind't have to pay for the app I don't mind too much but as a paying customer I'd expect flawless game-design customized to the very abilities of the palm pre - at least my pre isn't strong enough for need for speed - not even in single-tasking mode.

I'm still considering to sell the pre but since it sells for only €250 used I guess I can just keep it and watch it to further develop into the iphone killer it set out to become ;)

Faulbaer (not really.)

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mario cart wii

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