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2010.02.05, 21:38

my wishlist for aperture 3 ... if it's ever going to be released

I have a list of what I'd really like to see in aperture 3:

- ability to load and unload several aperture databases/libraries

- ilife and iwork integration being aware of (if not tracking) several aperture libraries/databases

- better performance in aperture itself as well as the aperture vault backup process

- ability to recover single folders, projects, albums, photos and even versions from the aperture vault backup

- non-destructive aperture library consistence check routines

- improved handling of decentral stored offline- and online-data

- ability to store files on a networked dedicated aperture server for several aperture clients to work with - I mean, it's 2010 dudes, gigabit networks are so yesterdayish, aren't they?

- ability to keep track of and maintain redundantly stored data - I want my photos to be everywhere and I want aperture to care for all the copies to stay current - that's not rocket science, just implement it!

- better web-publishing implementation tapping into services like flickr, ilife, photo-bucket, istockphoto and the like - also there should be easily accessible interfaces to publish to the common blogengines, microblogs and the like

- interfaces to easily work with the plugin-architecture in a non-destructive way. If I change colors, the size or anything in a plugin I just don't want aperture to export and reimport a tiff or psd file - I want plugins to be far deeper integrated into aperture - I'd actually like to see those plugins to dock right into the adjustment boxes, using the same mechanisms apertures adjustment panels do, being placed at a sane position in the workflow - generally before the sharpening and the vignetting steps ... am I the only one to be annoyed with the current way this is done in aperture? plugins should be just another layer to go through in the workflow!

- ability to work with huge files - I'm regularly getting 'unsupported image type' errors when I'm working with photoshop files larger than 300 mb which happens quite a lot. there is no need for aperture to act like that on a machine with over ten gigs of ram almost entirely dedicated to be used by aperture and photoshop

- make batch-processing available to keyboard users. I don't want to dive into menus and sub-menus just to add a tag to several images or to stamp adjustments to more than one photo

- get exif- and geo-data working properly - make adding and changing this data more accessible

Faulbaer (I'm going to add more in the future I guess ... )

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