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2005.01.09, 16:55

letter to steve

Begin forwarded message:
From: angelolaub@mac.com
Subject: No Keynote Live Broadcast
Date: January 7, 2005 10:22:23 PM CET
To: sjobs@apple.com
Security: Encrypted


we are very disappointed that there will be no live stream of the keynote. We were planning a big Keynote Party. We wanted to hear you preach the gospel according to Steve, and feel remotely connected to San Fransisco and all the other Apple believers. Not granting us even a trickle of bits from over there makes us feel all lonely and deserted.

Come on, we had it all planned! We even wanted to play drinking games in your honor: whenever you said the word ‘amazing’ we were planning to take a shot. And now you deny us the favor of getting drunk with keynote.

By the way, are you planning to open an Apple Store in Germany soon? Bonn is a really nice location for an enterprise like this. We live here and haven’t moved yet (which should be a sign for the superiority of Bonn :-D

Angelo (MacHackers Mac User Group, Bonn, Germany)

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